Smart Apps!
All new generation smartphones are great. Period. Be it Moto E or iPhone6! What really makes you and your phone smart is having some great Apps! No, I ain't listing down any of those apps you install even before configuring your emails! We are talking about some really nice, cool and useful free apps that you might be missing out on! I am no Appwizard to claim what I listing here is THE best. You sure might have something more interesting to share. Sure! Please share it below in the comments section!

You spot something and not sure what it is? No worries! Just snap it using this app and it will tell you everything about the clicked object! This app comes in very handy when you want to discover any object that you see in your day today life. Be it anything lying on a table, any car that you see, watch, shades just anything you want to know more about! The app uses visual search technology to tell you what things are, and it can even tell you where you can buy them. This also helps you compare prices of anything you see with a single click. Like the one-liner says it all - Point, Shoot & Discover!
Available On: iOS, Android

While most of you must be aware of this app, for those who are frequent travellers and haven't heard about it, you sure are missing something you want to fiddle on every time you make a travel plan! Planning a Goa trip? Not sure where to find accommodation within your budget during the stay? You are a 'touch' away my friend. Like the app description says - It makes your travel plan as mobile as you are! Just type in exact location where you would like to stay and this app lists down all the available options around the area. Privately offered, shared or commercial hotels. It lists down everything for you with the pointers on map! Check out the location, pics and prices - message or call the party - and get your booking done! Trust me, it gets you really good deals many a times!

This is not it! It even lets you make money out of your extra space that you can offer to other travellers. Simply list down what you have to offer and other travellers will connect with you if they find it suitable for their stay. Apart from the stay and monetary benefit this app even helps you connect with different interesting people accross the world!
Available On: iOS, Android

Baby Monitor
Being a new parent myself, there was no chance I could miss out on this app! Like the name suggests this app comes in very handy for all the new parents or even the old to monitor your baby in the house! This app turns your phone into a baby alarm! It helps you in watching your baby even when you are not around. If your baby is asleep and you are in another room, the baby monitor will detect if your baby is crying and alert you by a call or a text message. Simply set the number that needs to be called by the app and place the mobile near your baby. You can set desired sound threshold that triggers the alarm. By any means I do not encourage you to leave your baby alone in the house! But practically, sometimes you will surely need this! Specially with winters approaching and barbeque nights calling in - you surely gotta get hold of this my friend!
Available On: Android

No internet? No Chat. Now What?? No worries!! FireChat is the first Web-less networking app that lets you chat without internet connectivity! It uses phone's available wireless standards such as bluetooth, wifi to communicate with other wireless systems that are running on near by devices. When installed on an iOS or Android device it automatically finds other nearby devices running this app and uses those to route the message from phone to phone until it reaches the final recipient. Basically your message keeps hopping between the nearby devices until it finds the one with internet connectivity that finally transfers it to the end receiver. This app is typically useful at a location without net connectivity or overloaded network! Usually in crowded places, or closed theatres where you often have connectivity issues but enough crowd to route your message through! Works great eh? Its like: Hop - Hop - Hop and Fly!
Available On: iOS, Android

Hippo Remote
Ever wondered if you could operate your laptop using your phone while it is connected to a TV or a Projector and you are kind of far from it? Stop wondering and download this free app! Your phone's keyboard turns into your laptop keyboard and the touch screen turns into your laptop touch pad! What more do you need to operate the PC? This is mostly useful while watching movies or doing presentations on your laptop. Unfortunately this is only available on iPhone and iPod touch. However you can try app 'Valence' for Android.
Available On: iOS, Android